Putting Your Family First When You Need It Most


Planning ahead makes sense. That's why we offer all families the option of funeral prearrangement planning. Anyone can prearrange, regardless of health or age. Today, prearranging funeral services is as common in people's life plans as retirement and estate planning.

The benefits of pre-planning are numerous

Relieves surviving family members of the emotional burden associated with funeral arrangement decisions by reducing stress, anxiety and confusion at an already emotional time. Peace-of-mind results from having your final wishes recorded as a guide for your survivors. A prearranged funeral spares your loved ones from having to make difficult decisions at a time of deep personal loss—allowing surviving family members the time to concentrate on memories of you rather than the details surrounding death. It removes any opportunity for uncertainty, confusion, and conflict regarding your funeral's details. It also reduces the chance your family will "emotionally overspend" on arrangements. Planning ahead just makes good sense.

Your choices are made with us in total confidence - without undue pressure. Individuals may choose to provide any amount of detail they wish. Anything from exact funeral specifications to only vital statistics—the information used for the death certificate/obituary purposes. A casket, vault or urn may be selected at that time with no deposit required. These records are kept in the funeral home's files. When the need arises, the family members then carry out the arrangements. In this case, however, the funeral will cost the price at the time of death. Had the funeral been pre-funded (see below), all expenses that were prepaid would be covered regardless of when the person dies.

Financial strain can be eliminated. Most people think that prearranging your funeral means pre-paying. That option is yours; however there are many advantages to pre-payment that you will want to know about that can save your family substantial money in the future. When you meet with the staff at Moss Family Funeral Homes, you will have the option to pre-pay or not to pre-pay your funeral expenses. However, by pre-paying funeral expenses, it relieves surviving family members of the burden associated with final funeral expenses. It protects against the effects of inflation and transfers the risk of inflation of funeral costs to the funeral home. Once paid for, your funeral will not cost you more in the future, regardless of what prices are at that time. Make a convenient single payment or easy to afford monthly payments. Funeral pre-paid funds can also be made Medicaid/SSI exempt—sheltering your funds prior to nursing home exposure.

Consumer relocation is not an issue. Your funeral prearrangement plan is fully transferable to any funeral home in the United States or Canada, should you relocate.

Think carefully about what will be best for you and your family, and discuss why you desire certain arrangements and accompanying merchandise. By doing so today, you are assured peace of mind for you and your loved ones before the time of need.

Moss Family Funeral Home's Prearrangement Services Include

  • Dedicated, full-time Funeral Planning Professionals who can arrange private consultations with no cost or obligation.
  • Written and detailed recording of your family information.
  • Written and detailed recording of your unique wishes and desires regarding your funeral/viewing/visitation/committal/burial/cremation.
  • Assistance in selecting the services and merchandise to meet your individual wishes.
  • Complete review of all our flexible and affordable funding options including low
    monthly, semi annual, annual or single payment.
  • Copies of your plan to give to family members/estate planner/estate executor/attorney.
  • Complimentary tour of our facilities to meet our staff and see for yourself how our professional, caring attitude makes Moss Family Funeral Home the best choice.
  • Complimentary copy of the Illinois Consumers Guide to Pre-Need Funeral and Burial Purchases.

We encourage you to browse the rest of our website for more information on Moss Family Funeral Homes. If you desire further information about funeral pre-planning or are ready to make some of the decisions now, simply fill out and submit the form below and we'll get in touch with you.

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Please note: Completion and submission of the form below does NOT qualify as an officially recorded prearrangement. The form is simply a worksheet designed to communicate the types of information needed to complete prearrangement, and to aid the Funeral Director in serving you best. Contact with a Moss Family Funeral Home or Moss-Norris Funeral Home representative is required for an officially recorded prearrangement.